The Book

I am the author of a book about brands and branding called
‘Winning in your own way; The Nine and a half golden rules of branding’


It’s available at amazon


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Book Quotes

David Abbott Founder, Abbott Mead Vickers
Dear Robert, your book arrived 40 years too late for me to benefit from its wisdom. I shall keep it on my ‘what might have been’ shelf. It’s a splendid achievement.
Jim Hytner Commercial Director, Barclays
I thought the book was fab. Especially its simplicity and non bullshitness. And its size. I read it at work in one sitting. Not many business books are read from cover to cover because they're too big and too dull. Eating The Big Fish and yours are the exception.
Robert Mansfield CEO, Neuropharm plc
The style demonstrates just how good you are at identifying the core issues and focusing the discussion in on them. I wish every book I read put the key messages over as clearly and succinctly as you do.
Dave Trott Creative Director, CST
… it’s very readable. And it’s so well put together: the art direction, the illustrations, the typography.
All very nicely done, you must be very pleased. Well done.
Hamish Pringle Director General, IPA
Many congratulations on your achievement.
I started it whilst waiting for a plane at Heathrow last Friday and had finished it by the time I landed in Dublin. That speaks volumes for the narrative drive that came from your autobiographical approach, and its visual presentation, which I thought was excellent. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read. In particular, I loved your notion of making sure people “have a vision of the cathedral whilst they mix the cement”, and your candour on page 109 was admirable.
Gary Keogh Global Brand Manager, Glenfiddich
The book is awesome - practical, autobiographical, credible & fun - a great experience that's enhanced your reputation & gives great insight in to the culture of your approach.
James Morrison Product Manager, 1 Series, BMW
I read it in one sitting! The BMW section is fascinating and I am sure will be of interest to all who work here. I have already started passing it around my colleagues. All the best of luck with it.
Ben Tuxworth Director, Forum for the Future
Robert, I'm 2/3 of the way through 9.5 rules and loving it. You wear your authority so lightly it's like drinking magic soup – highly quaffable, and has slipped down before you realise how incredibly nourishing it is. And I usually hate management books.
John Wringe CEO, Marketects
Love it, Love it , Love it!!! Sat down and read it in one sitting yesterday. It is witty, intelligent, informed, ingenious, engaging, crafted and so well written. And beautifully illustrated and put together. A superb business framework and 'manifesto'. I can't imagine a CEO that wouldn't want a bit of this once read!
Eugene Hughes Founder, People Brands
Just to say I can’t stop dipping into your book. It’s a gem.
Andy Hobsbawm Chairman, Europe,
Robert - your book is a cracking read. I mean really! I started it and got half way through before I realised I really should get some sleep. Very well written, observed, very engaging layout & graphics - it's basically a great story. I was very impressed - well done!
Simon Jacot CEO, City Championships
Just read your book – in one sitting. Really, really good. You have delivered brilliantly in every aspect. I’m looking forward to reading it again with pen and paper and using it as a check on what I do and how I think.
Hugh Bishop Chairman, Meteorite
The book is marvelous. Already deeply into it, it will sit with my Paul Arden books in a special place, sadly unsigned. I’m sure we can remedy that at a future event – thank you.
Sir Nicholas Lloyd Brown Lloyd James
I read it and I enjoyed it. It has certainly made me begin to re-evaluate the advice I give others. And it's full of great anecdotes. Well done!
Lawrie Haynes President, Nuclear, Rolls-Royce plc
Really enjoyed your book! Well done, and thanks. It’s a triumph.
Oliver Bolitho Managing Director, Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC, Hong Kong
I just finished reading it on a flight from HK to Singapore and will definitely pass it to our Marketing team. Well done.
Mark Cranmer CEO, Isobar
The book is charming and useful. I've read it all. Beautifully told. Lovely art direction. Well done.
Paul Weiland Film & TV Director
Have just finished your book and really enjoyed the journey. The tone and your voice came through loud and clear. I do hope more Clients take a leaf from it and invest in tomorrow not just today. Everything now seems geared to stack ‘em high and sell ‘em at a loss. Your book comes as a White Knight at the right time. Good luck with it.
William Kendall Entrepreneur & Environmentalist
I got it, read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. For one who spends much of their life talking about related topics, your book was a timely opportunity to think about them with a broader perspective.
Alan Brydon Head of Press, MPG Media
May I say what a great read it is - unsurprisingly, but the whole thing was interesting, enjoyable, and really easy to read in style. You should be very proud indeed.
Nick Managing Director, Anon
Congratulations on the book! I devoured most of it on the day I got it. There are some great examples and quotes to steal. What is has done is make me all the more determined to get out of the career cul-de-sac in which I find myself… Apologies for the cynical off-loading (again!), but I just want a decent crack at becoming what you call a "great human being".
Kate Hampson Sacla', UK
I’ve just started reading your book and it’s brilliant. I wish I had had it during my degree.
David Whethey Chairman, Agency Assessments
I'm seriously impressed. Not least the presentation and art direction.
Don Elgie CEO, Creston plc
A major undertaking!
Hugo Eyre-Varnier Director, Huge PR
I came away feeling somewhat inspired that genuine branding still plays a role in post Blair Britain and beyond Apple or Innocent. Emerging entrepreneurs right through to ambitious marketers should understand the rules of branding and encourage those around them to do the same, in this economic climate more than ever.
Lee Marshall Ernst & Young
I found it a very engaging read. I think the biggest hook for the Professional Services Firms will be the idea that really smart CXOs recognise the currency of their brand and its role in making change stick. As far as I am aware this isn't on the radar for the type of services they provide. It is typically change by numbers. There might be interest in how the 'Single Organising Principle' could be the up-front design for how you implement change and achieve a more effective way of sustaining benefit realisation.
Jeremy Miles CEO, MBDC
And a classic it was too!
Rosie Walford Founder, The Big Stretch
I've skipped around in it and got completely gripped. I love how it's written. Very much your tone of voice. Humble, wise.
Rt. Hon. Charles Kennedy MP
I much enjoyed it and was very touched by your kind references to me.
Martin Andrews Senior VP, Global Vaccines, Glaxo SmithKline
Great read by the way!
Simon Thompson Group Managing Director,
The book is terrific. Well done! ‘Cock on’… I laughed out loud.
Susan Black Director of Communications, WYG plc
A fascinating mix of practical handbook and a lot of yourself in there too which is lovely to read - what an achievement!!! Well done. I will continue reading it with interest!!!
Tim Evans ex-Marketing Director, BT
Really well done on the book. I read it this morning from cover to cover as they say. Part of the reason it is so involving is because you can feel it is real and based on your style. I liked the way it reflects the way you work, simplifying complexity and expressing things clearly and in an involving way. Cock-on!
Aidan Lisser Dir. Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered
I think it captures you, your insights and some wider lessons in a very readable way – congratulations! Very refreshing from the conventional business book (especially on brands)
Bob Prachar President US Operations, Neuropharm Inc
I’m about half way through and it has certainly prompted me to think, smile and laugh out loud a few times. Very clever.
Dionne Cheyne Sacla' UK.
Went to the Pathology department this morning at 6.50 to get a blood test – they didn’t open until 7.30 and there were already 18 people in front of me! I rummaged through the bag and found your book which I started reading last night. I got to page 44 and burst out laughing so loud! – “he extended his hand and, still beaming, leant forward and said “don’t f*** it up”!

So funny Mr. Bean! Great start to the day.
Dominic Moran Founder GBTV
I was a little daunted about reading a book on branding but you managed to demystify the “black art” for me. It was refreshingly entertaining whilst educational at the same time. I didn’t expect it to make me laugh out loud, which it did. Brilliant!

It gave me real food for thought about my own business and I am sure that will be the case for anyone who reads it.
Well done!