Shamil Thakrar CEO, Dishoom
"We're a slightly unruly bunch here at Dishoom. We have too many ideas, too many passions. We're all far too excited. Robert is a wise man. He listens to us carefully, smiles, and then distills the insight, helping us separate embellishment from essence. When we completed the process, we were left with what we all knew to be essence. We're now even more excited, and now we know what it is that we do. We all have a clear shared idea, a strong articulation, of what is important and what truly drives our business. Robert, by the way, is also a dude."
Ken Keir Managing Director,
Honda UK; VP, Honda Europe
‘We use the work he created for us as the business driver that determines the future of the Honda brand.’
Rupert Pearce CEO, Inmarsat plc
‘Robert played a vital role in helping our management team catalyse our thinking about our fundamental purpose and how our strengths, capabilities and culture can be optimally mobilised to support our business objectives. By challenging us to pare back our core attributes to a pithy Single Organising Principle, Robert not only skilfully helped us to consider and address fundamental strategic and tactical issues in our business, but drove powerful collaboration and team-work between disparate executives. We went into the sessions as individuals: we came out as an energised team, armed with a common purpose and set of values, determined to be more than the sum of our parts.’
John King CEO, House of Fraser
'Robert kick-started the process which led the Board to set the company's long term vision and values. I highly recommend his services'
Martin Andrews SVP,
GlaxoSmithKline Global Vaccines, Commercial
‘Robert combines a unique understanding of branding, human nature and business common sense to create insights that are truly astounding. His notion of the Single Organising Principle stretches the relevance of branding into areas not usually considered by most companies. With a challenging yet charming style, he is an inspiration to work with.’
Ian McCaig CEO,
lastminute.com Group
‘His work for our 6 brands across Europe will be the foundation of future strategic decisions, from hiring and training people to new product innovation and internal/external communications. He also managed to keep it simple and make it fun.’
Adrian Hosford Director, Corporate & Social Responsibility, BT
'He has an uncanny ability, part science part art, to get under the skin of a Brand and bring it to life like nobody else can. He will then mine this rich seam until it pays back manyfold.'
Simon Thompson Group Managing Director, lastminute.com Group.
‘Robert Bean is a difficult man. I have never had so many heated debates with anyone in my career. He always tells the truth and this is highly irritating. What really pains me is the man is almost always right. If you want to improve your business, hire him. If you want an easy commercial life and want to continue in happy denial, don't."
Mike Anderson Managing Director, The Sun & News of the World
‘He has provided me with the best business lesson I’ve ever had.’
Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett CEO, Marie Curie
‘Marie Curie needed to reconsider its core messaging as we have come to care for more and more non cancer patients. Robert conducted the orchestra of the senior management team, teased out all our challenges and opportunities, and united the Board around a few core themes. Most importantly he made the whole discussion lively and fun. Well researched and well organised, I recommend him to others.’
Lawrie Haynes CEO, White Young Green Plc
‘Robert has brought clarity to our business model and delivered a strategic solution that has real staying power. It will underpin how we do things, from hiring people to how we talk about ourselves in the market. In a business environment full of noise and clutter, he brings brevity and simplicity.’
Robin Rowland CEO, YO! Sushi
‘Robert achieved the impossible. He got consensus from mavericks without tears, and his brand insight and intellect made the journey to a Single Organising Principle a challenging but fun pleasure.
10 years young, we now have a shared set of common values and a reason for being that we all really believe in.
Marion King CEO VocaLink
‘Robert proved to be the fist in a velvet glove. Charming, amusing and eloquent, he led us to the right conclusion with a ruthless determination. With his leadership and support we have successfully developed an engaging partnership approach for our people and our customers. He brought flair and marketing poetry into our lives.’
Robert Mansfield CEO, Neuropharm plc
‘He is an outstanding individual who brings inspiration to others and leaves a wonderful footprint on life. Paraphrasing a recent quote: "No one will care how much money I had in the bank or what car I drove, it's the contribution I made that will be remembered." On that score he is truly a star.’
The Rt Hon, Charles Kennedy MP
‘He makes you think differently. That’s why he does such a good job. He’s forced me to take a sideways look at politics and the Party’s role within it.’
Paul Brown CEO,
Operations Improvements Limited
‘Robert uses a unique approach to branding by helping organisations collectively understand their business values through an enjoyable process which captures hearts and minds in the process. This is much more than branding – it’s a fundamental building block in changing the culture of organisations. Robert is the only individual I have met who has the respect and character to make this work.’
Dave Darsch CEO, CEO-Collaboration Forum
“As we began the session, I looked around the room I noticed that I had ten staff (including myself as the CEO, and members from my Board) allocating 6-8 hours. I winced at the indirect cost of this much resource allocation. By the end of the day, not only was it one of the best team-building exercises that I had seen, the ROI on clarity and purpose was well worth the investment. For the first time, we will be efficient and effective in our messaging and thus sales and marketing productivity.”
Stephen Goodyear CEO, Young’s & Co plc
‘I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert over the years, not least on the Young’s Brand, which has been transformed. His foresight and strategic input have proved invaluable.’
Sally Winfield Managing Director, LOOT
‘His no-nonsense yet innovative approach is refreshing. The work he’s done will underpin our strategic direction for the next few years. Best of all, he knows how to keep it simple.’
Clare Blampied Managing Director, SACLA Italia (UK)
‘He has transformed our approach and focus at all levels, not least pan-European.’
Juliet Davenport CEO, Good Energy
‘He has the ability to discover what is deep in the company and bring it to life. It’s making life so much easier…
He’s great to work with, slightly intimidating when you first meet him, but you know you’re getting somewhere when he begins to smile!!’
Tomas Kratochvil CEO, Moravia Worldwide
Robert played an instrumental role in helping us to understand what’s core for us, our clients and our culture. We're all excited by our Single Organising Principle which has resonated with the whole company and unified us in a simple way. Thank you Robert!
Dan Houghton & Eric Partaker Founders, Chilango Mexican Restaurants
‘Robert showed us the way, the truth and the life of our brand. He's one of those truly annoying people who make things seem so simple and so clear, just by asking the right questions at the right time. We hope to achieve remarkable things with the clarity he has given us.’
David Pullan Strategic Marketing & Brand Development Director, EMAP Consumer Media
‘He was invaluable in sharpening our proposition, articulating our competitive differences and pinpointing our Brand essence, providing challenge, expert facilitation and real insight.’
John Fay MBE Founder & CEO, SFL Ltd.
‘An outstanding process that has developed a fundamental purpose for our business. Robert Bean’s style is as outstanding as his intellect. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Robert.’